Beige Hotel Towels 24×50 Bath Towel


SKU No: PL-2450-ECS-BG
Description: Beige Hotel Towels 24″ x 50″ Bath Towel
Weight: 10.50 lbs
Case Pack: 5 Dozens / Box
Price: US$ 51.25 / Dz

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Beige hotel towels (Bath towel) with dimensions of 24 inches by 50 inches is a standard size for hand towels. These towels are commonly used in hotels, resorts, and other hospitality industries, but they can also be used in homes.

The beige color is a neutral tone that can complement a wide range of color schemes and interior design styles. It is a popular choice for towels in many settings, as it is a classic and timeless color that does not show dirt or stains easily.

Domestic Hotel Towels are always in demand; A perfect blend of 86% cotton & 14% poly keeps the shrinkage in control and towel in right shape. You can order them in white and beige both colors in different sizes. Our most popular guest room towels, thick, rich and durable–will stand up to repeated laundering, with natural Selvedge.

All items sold by Case Pack only.

SKU No Description Weight Case Pack Price
PL-1212-ECS-BG 12″ x 12″ Wash Cloth 1.00 lbs 25 Dozens US$ 4.89 / Dz
PL-1627-ECS-BG 16″ x 27″ Hand Towel 3.00 lbs 10 Dozens US$ 14.65 / Dz
PL-2450-ECS-BG 24″ x 50″ Bath Towel 10.50 lbs 5 Dozens US$ 51.25 / Dz
PL-2030-ECS-BG 20″ x 30″ Bath Mat 7.00 lbs 5 Dozens US$ 31.10 / Dz