Dairy Farm Towels 12″ x 12″ Wash Cloth


SKU No: PL-1212-ECS-BG
Description: Dairy Farm Towels 12″ x 12″ Wash Cloth
Weight: 01.00 lbs
Case Pack: 50 Dozens / Box
Price: US$ 4.89 / Dz

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Dairy Farm Towels

Dairy Farm Towels and Wash Cloths ,comes in beige so not to get dirty,Extra-absorbent terry towels texture ideal for washing and scrubbing. Hand Towels comes in a convenient 120 Pieces a box and Wash Cloths 300 Pieces a box

All items sold by Case Pack only.

SKU NoDescriptionWeightCase PackPrice
PL-1212-ECS-BG12″ x 12″ Wash Cloth1.00 lbs50 DozensUS$ 4.89 / Dz
PL-1627-ECS-BG16″ x 27″ Hand Towel3.00 lbs20 DozensUS$ 14.65 / Dz
PL-1313-ECS-BG13″ x 13″ Wash Cloth1.50 lbs50 DozensUS$ 6.00 / Dz