Painters Towels 16×27 Hand Towel


SKU No: PL-1627-ECS-BG
Description: Painters Towels 16x 27 Hand Towel
Weight: 03.00 lbs
Case Pack: 10 Dozens / Box
Price: US$ 18.31 / Dz

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Painters Towels 16x 27 Hand Towel,

Painters Hand Towels are perfect for a quick clean up, with or without water. And they clean more than just hands – they work great to clean everything that requires wiping.. Terry Cloth removes more challenging substances like grease, tar, ink, paint and more

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SKU No Description Weight Case Pack Price
PL-1212-ECS-BG 12″ x 12″ Wash Cloth 1.00 lbs 25 Dozens US$ 6.11 / Dz
PL-1627-ECS-BG 16″ x 27″ Hand Towel 3.00 lbs 10 Dozens US$ 18.31 / Dz
PL-1313-ECS-BG 13″ x 13″ Wash Cloth 1.50 lbs 25 Dozens US$ 9.15 / Dz