Razor Twin Blade Individual Wrap 100/Cs


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Description: Razor Twin Blade Individual Wrap 100/Cs
Case Pack: 100 Pc / Box
Price: US$ 0.18 / Pc


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Razor Twin Blade Individual Wrap 100/Cs, is a type of shaving razor that features two blades positioned parallel to each other. The blades are designed to work together to provide a close, smooth shave by cutting hair at different levels. The first blade lifts the hair up while the second blade cuts the hair close to the skin.

The Razor Twin Blade typically has a lightweight handle that is easy to grip, allowing for better control during shaving. Some models also feature a lubricating strip that helps to reduce irritation and provide a smoother glide.

Compared to single-blade razors, twin-blade razors can provide a closer shave with fewer strokes, which can be especially helpful for people with thick or coarse hair. However, it is important to note that using multiple blades can increase the risk of irritation or razor burn, so it is important to use a light touch and take care when shaving sensitive areas.

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YT-RT-Blade Razor Twin Blade Individual Wrap 100/Cs 100 Pc / Box US$ 0.18 / Pc