Towel for physical therapy clinic


SKU No: PL-1627-ECS-BG
Description: 16″ x 27″ Hand Towel
Weight: 3.00 lbs
Case Pack: 10 Dozen
Price: US$ 20.44 / Dz

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Towel for physical therapy clinic (Hand Towel), Most clinics require clean, sanitary linens to keep patients safe and comfortable. We carry linens designed to be used in doctors offices, hospitals, and medical clinics. Our selection of linens includes washcloths, towels, bed sheet and pillowcovers.

Available in White and Beige

All items sold by Case Pack only.

SKU No Description Weight Case Pack Price
PL-1212-ECS-BG 12″ x 12″ Wash Cloth 1.00 lbs 25 Dozen US$ 6.81 / Dz
PL-1627-ECS-BG 16″ x 27″ Hand Towel 3.00 lbs 10 Dozen US$ 20.44 / Dz
PL-1313-ECS-BG 13″ x 13″ Wash Cloth 1.50 lbs 25 Dozen US$ 7.50 / Dz