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As an individual from an inn supervisory crew, you have work removed for yourself. With regularly changing movement arrangements influencing your workforce, moves in customer request and progressively severe approaches from a portion of your business channels – it’s an extreme gig.

The uplifting news is, committed essayists and substance makers are attempting to help, giving moving assets to you to use in the administration of your lodging.

In this post I’ll give a once-over of 15 lodging administration writes that we, the group at Otium Boutique, appreciate the most and will ideally be profitable for running your inn today, yet in your future vocation advancement.

How about we look at them!


As a member of a hotel management team, you have some work to do. With the ever-changing immigration policies affecting your workforce, the changing consumer demand, and the increasingly stringent policies of some of your sales channels, it’s a big challenge.

The good news is that dedicated content writers and producers are trying to help you, providing you with inspiring resources that you can use to manage your hotel.

In this article, I’m going to introduce you to 15 hotel management blogs that the Otium Boutique team appreciate most and which, we hope, will be useful not only for managing your hotel today, but also for your business. future career development.

Let them check!

Hotel speaks
Topics: Marketing, Technology, Events

The Hotel Speak blog is aimed at the hotel and tourism marketing community. The goal is to provide practical advice to hoteliers and hotel marketing teams. When it comes to hotel management blogs, it’s much more focused on marketing and technology. The usual topics include social media, chatbots, search engine optimization and content marketing.

Topics: distribution, industry news, marketing, technology, revenue

Founded in 2009, Tnooz is an independent media brand with a wealth of experience. Their blog does not focus entirely on hotel management, but provides a more complete overview of the travel industry. Personally, I find that Tnooz is a great place to keep up to date with the news of the travel industry around the world, as they are not limited to the United Kingdom and the United States.

News from the shop
Topics: industry news, suppliers, profiles, industry comments

Boutique Hotel News is the perfect place to stay informed about acquisitions, refurbishments and profiles of real and true hotel managers and suppliers. A few times a month, publisher George Sell also publishes what I consider an “industry comment” – short, easy-to-read articles about the current situation.

Visit the Boutique Hotel News blog site on a laptop.
Boutique Hotel News keeps you informed about acquisitions and redevelopments and introduces you to real hotel managers and suppliers.

Hotel Marketing Association
Topics: Marketing, Profiles, Trends

The UK’s official association, now a HOSPA partner, HMA’s website features a blog with a clear focus on hotel marketing. One of the most unique parts of their blog is their profile “in the spotlight”, where they talk with hotel marketers. These people who hide behind the stage are often the voice of many hotels but rarely the public. So I find their insightful comments.

Management of the hotel
Topics: News, Reports, Technology, Events

For those looking for information on the sector in the Asia-Pacific region, the blog of hotel management is a good choice. In Australia, much of the content is about hotel management, although other news related to tourism, suppliers and catering are also cited.

Hotelier Boutique
Topics: Industry News, Finance, HR, Marketing, Reports, Market Data, Opinions, Events

Perhaps the best choice for the “hotel management blog” because of the diversity of its topics, Boutique Hotelier is an excellent resource for news, reference materials, upcoming events and opinion pieces. . The blog is clearly focused on British content, with Europe being a secondary objective.

Visit Boutique Hotelier’s blog on a tablet.
Boutique Hotelier is an excellent source of information, reference documents, upcoming events and opinions.

International Association of Luxury Hotels
Topics: industry news, profiles, opinions

A non-profit organization registered in the United States, the International Luxury Hotel Association strives to “provide hoteliers with the resources they need to grow their business, improve their standards and advance their careers.” Although many publications are oriented to the United Kingdom and Europe, ILHA offers a lot of content

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