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Serving guests with their best services in every hotel’s priority. Regardless of whether providing their guests lavished rooms, plushy laundry, delicious foods, comforting beddings, and many more facilities. In lodgings and motels, everything should be perfectly done according to the guest’s needs.

If we talk about beddings, the one thing guests require i.e neat and tidy bedsheets, comforting pillows with clean pillow covers, and soft and smooth blankets

What are Blankets?

So basically blankets are a soft and cozy piece of cloth, large enough to cover oneself with it. They are specially used in winters. The softer and cozier the blankets are, the more comforting and relaxing sleep you can have. For thicker blankets, the material used, is wool, because they of its thickness and have more extensive fabric, but for light blankets, cotton is usually used. Blankets also come with different prints and in various colors. Often the term blanket can be altered with a comforter, quilt, and duvet, but they all are similar in use.

The typical types of blankets used are fleece, acrylic, polyester, nylon, cotton, and wool.

Blankets Collection:

HSU deals in, prime quality Fleece blankets, Micro Polar Fleece Hotel blankets, Soft Touch Flocked blankets, Acrylic/Polyester blankets. 

Fleece Blankets:

These plush fleece blankets are soft and cozy. Its fabricated material guarantees to never let you feel cold. These fleece blankets will surely give you a homely and luxurious feel. You can buy them in any of your favorite colors. So what are you waiting for, shop these plushy fleece blankets at a very reasonable price and instantly add some coziness to your beds? 

To view the sizes and colors they are available, you can go through the details given below:

Soft Touch Flocked Blanket (100% Nylon): 

The Soft Touch Flocked Blanket is all you need to comfort yourself. Did it ever happen, that you felt enlightened, a little ethnic? Well if it’s a yes! Then by buying this plushy soft touched flocked blanket will fix the job. The Soft Touch Flocked Blanket is 100% Nylon fabricated. These soft-touch flocked blankets will give you a soft and comforting feel. Shop these soft-touch flocked blankets at a very reasonable price and save your pockets

Available for all king and queen-size beds.

To view the sizes they are available in, you can go through the details given below:

Acrylic Blanket/Polyester:

If you are look something in acrylic material, then these are just for you. Your bedrooms will embrace these acrylic blankets. These acrylic blankets with a blend of polyester will provide elegancy to your beds. Our acrylic blankets are mostly in demand. The softness and coziness of these acrylic blankets will just make your winters warm. You can shop them in different colors and various sizes, and that even at a reasonable price. 

To view the sizes they are available in, you can go through the details given below:

Micro Polar Fleece Hotel Blanket:

Micro Polar Fleece Blankets are the best fit for hotels. Fabricated from 100% polyester fleece material. These Micro Polar Fleece Blankets are self-hem, non-pill finish with double-needle stitch. The polyester fleece material of Micro Polar Fleece Hotel Blanket, assures to be softer, smoother, and cozier. You can shop these plushy Micro Polar Fleece Hotel Blankets for your hotels and motels in Ivory Color at a very reasonable price.


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