Acrylic Blanket/Polyester 102×90


SKU No: YT-10290Acrylic
Description: Acrylic Blanket/Polyester 102×90
Price: US$ 10.95/ Pc

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Acrylic blanket/polyester 102×90 is available in a variety of colors and patterns, allowing you to choose one that matches your decor or personal style. They are also machine washable and can be dried in the dryer, making them a low-maintenance bedding option.

When choosing an acrylic blanket/polyester 102×90, it’s important to consider the quality of the materials and the construction. Look for a blanket made from high-quality acrylic and polyester fibers, with tightly woven threads that resist pilling and shedding over time. Additionally, check the edges and stitching to ensure that they are well-made and durable.

Acrylic Blanket/Polyester 102×90

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YT-10290Acrylic Acrylic Blanket/Polyester 102×90 01 Pc US$ 10.95/ Pc