Bed Bug Stretch Knitted Poly 10/Cs Twin


SKU No: YT-915Twin-Bug
Description: 9’’ 15 Bed Bug Stretch Knitted Poly 10/Cs Twin
Price: US$ 17.95 / Pc

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Bed Bug Stretch Knitted Poly 10/Cs Twin likely refers to a type of bed bug encasement for a twin-size bed that is made from a stretchy, knitted polyester fabric.

Similar to a box spring encasement, a bed bug stretch knitted poly encasement is designed to protect against bed bugs and other pests by completely enclosing the mattress. The stretchy nature of the fabric allows it to fit tightly around the mattress, creating a barrier against bed bugs and making it difficult for them to penetrate the cover.

“10/Cs” may refer to the number of encasements included in a case or package, with 10 encasements per case.

Overall, bed bug encasements are a useful tool for preventing and controlling bed bug infestations, as they create a physical barrier that bed bugs cannot easily penetrate. By encasing both the mattress and box spring of a bed, bed bug encasements can help protect your sleeping area and make it easier to detect and control any bed bug problems that do arise.

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