Hotel Sheets Full Fitted 54x75x9


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Description: Hotel Sheet Full Fitted 54 x 75 x 9″

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Hotel Sheets Full Fitted size typically measures 54 inches by 75 inches with a depth of 9 inches (54x75x9). This size is designed to fit a standard full-sized mattress with a depth of up to 9 inches. Hotel sheets are commonly used in hotels and other hospitality establishments and are known for their high-quality materials, such as cotton or a cotton blend, and their durability and softness. Fitted sheets are designed with elastic corners to fit snugly around the mattress and prevent slipping or bunching. Full fitted sheets are also a popular choice for personal use in homes, providing ample coverage and comfort when paired with a flat sheet and pillowcases to create a complete bedding set.

T-300 Extreme Quality White Sheets & Pillow Cases

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